California Lifestyle Foundation, Inc. is open for business and we’re ready to make a big impact on the local and global community as a result of the work we do for charities. We help families all over the world live better lives, and we’re proud of that.

JC, California Lifestyle Foundation, Inc.’s Managing Partner, has huge plans for 2020. He’s working toward expanding into two more markets by the end of next year, and also plans to donate $1 million in the next twelve months to charities so that our firm can create an even bigger impact for the causes we represent.

Of course, it’s one thing to have objectives, and another to know how to turn those intentions into reality. This is why we make goal setting a big part of our training program. For example, we teach our team members how to get specific with what they’re trying to achieve, then set up metrics so they can track their progress. We also include lessons on how to create reasonable timelines for our goals that help us stay motivated.

Using these techniques, we’re certain that JC will be able to accomplish all that he has in mind for himself and the firm in the coming year. Like California Lifestyle Foundation, Inc. on Facebook to learn more about our training program, and to learn about joining our team.

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