Through California Lifestyle Foundation, Inc., Passions Are Ignited for Worthy Causes

We come to the California Lifestyle Foundation, Inc. office pulsing with anticipation every day.

That’s because we know that our conversations create connections that support change. Our optimism can be felt in every custom campaign we create for the nonprofits and organizations with which we partner.

Our peer-to-peer promotions power the social change missions of charities and worthy corporations. We use an approach that is both innovative and adaptable, and we bring decades of marketing experience to our work, making us the perfect choice for a wide variety of outreach needs. By taking the message directly to the people, we inspire action, which in turn ensures mission-driven organizations have the resources to make the world even better.

California Lifestyle Foundation, Inc. Helps Build Healthier Communities

The first step toward positive change is believing change is possible. At California Lifestyle Foundation, Inc., we believe that our world can be free from hunger and disease, a place where children can play and learn safely, and where nature can be nurtured. We hold this vision in front of us and use it as our guiding light as we empower change agents.

Our Mission Is to Make Good Missions Known

There are many worthy causes and social good organizations that could use a louder, stronger voice. This is where California Lifestyle Foundation, Inc. comes in. We are experts in using our voices to help charities and social good businesses create a physical presence – not just an online one. We shine the spotlight on progressive solutions with every conversation, whether it be an innovative way to create clean water or an organic foods company.

Our Guiding Values


California Lifestyle Foundation, Inc. team members don’t just talk – we take positive action that creates results. We apply our skills with purpose, always looking for ways to increase our impact.


We’re eager to take action because we believe that we can make a difference. While one voice might not be heard, together we’re undeniable. Tune in as we create awareness for causes that are changing the world.


We’re proud to be members of the community that is focused on positive change. We are dedicated to bringing the missions of social-justice organizations to the public and being part of the solution. While working for the greater good, we build friendships with our colleagues based on support, gratitude, and mutual respect.


Our trained professionals have backgrounds and expertise in a variety of fields, ranging from business to science. This gives us the intellectual resources to shine in a competitive industry and consistently produce excellence in our customized promotions.

Company Awards

Training Is Our Strength
We prepare our people for success through world-class training

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