Around the California Lifestyle Foundation Inc. office, we understand the value of a supportive work atmosphere. We want our team members to love their career journeys, and the company they keep along the way. Our associates know that the work they do has a positive impact on the world. They also know their hard work will be recognized and rewarded in our workspace.

Travel events, leadership training, and a wide range of team outings help make our California Lifestyle Foundation Inc. culture attractive to top-notch talent. We give our associates all kinds of options for expanding their horizons. Our team members get to meet with the sharpest minds in our industry as they attend conferences and visit other successful offices for cross-training.

When it comes to group activities, we enjoy everything from team dinners to bowling nights. Every time our people get together away from their work roles, they create positive vibes that infuse our in-person outreach with a refreshing tone. For us, our outings are ideal ways to learn more about each other’s unique talents and backgrounds. When we come back to the office we’re more inspired than ever to collaborate on major projects.

A supportive atmosphere, matched by clear advancement policies, makes our office an ideal place to build a rewarding career. To learn more about how we put our team members in a prime position to excel, follow California Lifestyle Foundation Inc. on Instagram.

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