We’re equipped to
facilitate change

Our team members are motivated and
empowered to create change.

Add Your Voice to the California Lifestyle Foundation,
Inc. Team

The passionate professionals in the California Lifestyle Foundation, Inc. office are experts who believe in their power to facilitate change. Bring your talents and combine your voice with ours. Together we can make a real difference.

California Lifestyle Foundation, Inc.: Doing Work That Needs to
Be Done

We have faith in humanity, and believe that most people want to make the world a better place – but where to get started? One answer is California Lifestyle Foundation, Inc. We’re partnered with some of the most impactful organizations in the world, and know exactly how to help them gain the attention they need to pursue their missions. Whether it’s a way to improve access to potable water or solve housing issues for the homeless, we create a personalized campaign strategy that will empower growth and spur greater change. We’ll teach you how to do it too.

Build Bonds and a Professional Network That Will Last

Our team members learn to work in harmony toward goals that improve life for everyone. We all contribute our unique talents and insights. Our office environment is electric, charged with passion and the satisfaction that comes from knowing we’re moving the needle. This atmosphere, combined with our firm’s mission and commitment to core values, makes working here an extraordinary experience. Our camaraderie is strengthened outside the office through team nights, where we learn more about one another. We also travel together to conferences and retreats, where we meet with business leaders from all over the world. Lasting relationships sustain our success.

Training Socially Responsible Professionals to Harness Their Passion

Learning is one of the most important elements of our success at California Lifestyle Foundation, Inc. Through one-to-one coaching, classroom training, and hands-on workshops, each of our associates is empowered to bring all their passion to work so we create positive change together. We thrive on showcasing good causes to the public. When we grow, the better and faster we are seeing the world become the way we want it to be.

Careers Available at California Lifestyle Foundation

If being the good you want to see in the world sounds like a career path you’ve always wanted to follow, we encourage you to learn more about California Lifestyle Foundation, Inc. Visit our careers page at info@californialf.com to get information about any open positions with our firm.